This is a summary of school policies; more details can be found in the Church Hill Academy Student Handbook.

More than three absences in a quarter, or six in a semester, can impact a student’s graduation. After three absences, Church Hill Academy staff will call and/or visit the home to develop a plan with the parent/guardian to improve the situation. A written agreement may be required and signed by Principal, Head of School, Parent/Guardian, and student.  

Long-term medically excused absences will be handled case-by-case and will require documentation and a written plan of action for completing missed work.   

Frequent tardiness (of even a few minutes) interferes with a student's performance and disrupts class for other students. Consequences for tardiness will range from silent lunch to in-school suspension.

Negative academic and/or behavior choices can warrant a detention, which may be conducted in school, out of school, or during lunch in the form of a silent detention. Detentions are of varying lengths, depending on the infraction.

If a student is unable to attend their assigned detention, a parent, guardian or mentor must notify the Principal in order to reschedule.

Church Hill Academy does not allow weapons, alcohol, illegal drugs, physical violence or overtly threatening behavior. Infractions may result in suspensions or expulsion. Students are the responsibility of the institution and obligated to relinquish personal possessions upon request.  

Disruptive behavior includes anything that deters learning. Use of electronic devices; stealing; picking on others; name calling; refusing to obey a teacher; and offensive verbal or nonverbal communications are considered disruptive and impact all students. Teachers will document such behavior and, as warranted, may contact parents or mentors for their support and assistance.

Church Hill Academy expects students to complete their own work.  Unless authorized by a teacher, all student’s work should be completely their own and not copied from any other source.