Church Hill Academy is a place for students who will thrive from individualized attention, an emphasis on relationships and community, a dedication to Christian beliefs, and an interest in healthy and positive character development. As our students progress through the grade levels, they are given opportunities for leadership, challenges to help them grow and mature, and support from a nurturing environment. We strive to equip and prepare students to serve their communities and live fulfilling lives.

The Academy also provides opportunities for students to gain professional job skills, which are important to success after high school. Our Marketplace Day takes place twice a year where we welcome Richmond professionals to host mock interviews for students to strengthen job interview skills, professionalism, and networking skills.

We aim to give every student opportunities to learn soft skills through enriching, unique experiences outside of the classroom as well. These activities may include culinary training with CHAT's Front Porch Cafe, carpentry skills learning at Nehemiah's Workshop, or your student can join the Phantoms Basketball team.

Students are also encouraged to participate in CHAT’s After-School Programs including: After School mentoring, summer camp, Internships, or the Work Leadership Institute (a program that prepares youth for future employment by providing them with job readiness skills.)