Church Hill Academy is a place for students who will thrive from individualized attention, an emphasis on relationships and community, a dedication to Christian beliefs, and an interest in healthy and positive character development. We strive to equip and prepare students to serve their communities.

Our students typically have not met with great success in previous academic situations, for a host of reasons, and many may be the first in their families to graduate high school. The school is founded on the same principles and intentions as our partner organization, CHAT. By teaching skills and positive behaviors, we provide our youth with the necessary tools for healthy, productive futures.

In addition to academic achievement, we value accountability, character development, fellowship and discipleship. Our students are encouraged to be active and engaged in the community. As they progress through the grade levels, they are given opportunities for leadership, challenges to help them grow and mature, and support from a nurturing environment.

The Academy provides opportunities for students to develop marketplace skills, which are important to success in the workplace. Marketplace skills include job interview skills, professionalism in attire and attitude, work ethic, and networking skills.

Another of the many unique opportunities we can provide our students is participation in CHAT’s Street Leaders program. This unique yearlong program teaches leadership and communication skills along with job and interview training.

Students are also encouraged to participate in CHAT’s After-School Programs (including Tutoring, and Summer Camp), Internships, or the Work Leadership Institute, an apprentice and enterprise program supported by the Robins Foundation that prepares students for the workforce.