Field Trips
Students at CHA visit regional sites of interest with classroom teachers as well as attend overnight college trips and fun excursions as a whole school. This year, Church Hill Academy students will be seen everywhere from the Bow Tie Theater and the Chemistry labs at VCU all the way to the White House!

Marketplace Day
The Academy seeks to prepare students with the skills to pursue and succeed in employment after graduation. 
Marketplace Day is an in-school event in which Richmond business leaders volunteer their time to mock interview students. Students come to school in professional attire, engage in interviews with several business leaders and receive constructive feedback on their performance. 2018-2019 Marketplace Days TBD.

College Mentoring Partnership (CMP)
For the past 4 years, Church Hill Academy has been partnering with EAB, a wholly owned subsidiary of the greater Advisory Board Company, to have the College Mentoring Partnership program (CMP).  CMP delivers a student-centered mentoring model designed to increase access to higher education opportunities for our students. The program provides one-on-one mentoring to students by pairing involved employees at EAB. Interested juniors, seniors, and their parents will receive education on college planning, college search, financial planning and professional development.

In addition to CMP, we have a dedicated volunteer college coordinator who regularly meets individually with current seniors to guide them through their higher education process.

Work Leadership Institute
We aim to give every student opportunities to learn soft skills through enriching, unique experiences outside of the classroom as well. Many of our students participate in CHAT’s Work Leadership Institute. These activities may include culinary training with CHAT's Front Porch Cafe, carpentry skills learning at Nehemiah's Workshop, or screen-printing and graphic design with On Point Prints.